Welcome to the Resistance!


The Mission

Welcome to the Resistance! We have all watched the news and thought, “Something needs to change, but where do I start?” I created the Writers Resist reading series to address that feeling. At each event, writers are invited to share a piece about what resistance means to them. Once the crowd is charged with this energy, we discuss a topic of the night and each writes a letter to our local representative. Topics have ranged from the dangers of using electroshock on dis- abled students to fighting a bill that would gut the Americans with Disabilities Act.
By purchasing and reading this collection, you are now a part of the change. Proceeds from sales of this text will support the continu- ation of these events. We have heard directly from legislators that the art shared and the letters sent have shifted their perspectives. May the poems in this collection inspire you, engross you, enrage you, and push you to make change in your own community. May they leave you feeling less alone in your struggles and more empathetic toward the fights of others. Poetry has always been the language of revolution. Whatever you’re fighting, we’re glad you’re here.
—Taylor Carmen Savath